I am Céline dass shakti Kaur

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In Service on Earth

Dancing the Song of Divine Ecstasy

My birth name Céline comes from Selene, the Moon Goddess & from Caelina: "heavenly".

My spiritual name Dass Shakti Kaur means the One devoted to serve Shakti.

Shakti is the Creative Life Force that drives our human life on Earth.

It creates, destroys and transforms all in each present moment.

All life is sweet nectar of the waves of the Ocean of Peace.

I am committed to celebrate its Divine Ecstasy.

I grew up in nature surrounded by women that gave me a taste of moon and blood wisdom.

My healing journey really started 11 years ago with Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, a passion for dancing and writing

& world travels in mystical places that awakened the voice of my Soul.

Practicing and teaching yoga in university,

I met the heart wisdom of the ancient eastern teachings.

I became a Devotee of Love, walking the Path of the Great Mystery,

a life dancer, friend and midwife of the Soul,

in service to the magical alchemy of Sacred Union.

In the co-creation of ceremonial sound performances in Berlin

I explored the infinite vastness and transformative force of sound currents, within and without.

I listened to the Sacred Music of mantras

that made me taste my tears.

I met the wild humble wisdom of the Great Sufis

& got drunk by their mystical poetry.

I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

I practiced my Sadhana, studied, taught, translated & cooked in Guru Ram Dass Ashram in Portugal.

I met Karam Kriya under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh, the art of the healing conversation

that unites the language of body, heart & mind, to rightly use the word & build bridges between all worlds.

Satya Kaur and Anna Muni introduced me into the intuitive Magic of the Red Tents and Moon Temples.

I listened to the wisdom of the everchanging Sacred Serpent force in many forms.

Through initiations into Babaji Nagaraj's Cosmic Cobra Breath with the Ipsalu School of Tantra &

Kashmiri Shaivistic practices taught by Daniel Odier & Ananda Kumar 

I tasted the Divine Union of Sex, Heart and Spirit.

My mission here on Earth is to serve & to guide the human community

to listen to our innate wisdom, to anchor into the peaceful home of our hearts 

& to intuitively activate our self-healing forces.

It takes both courage and devotion to live a Life in all its Grace & Beauty.

When we let ourselves be filled by the infinite richness that surrounds us, 

when we listen to the Sacred Song &

the Pure & the Wild are already dancing within us

& we become the instruments of the Divine Symphony,

we surrender to the intimacy of our own Presence,

and we fall...

in Love.

Our times and our planet urgently calls for it:

To awaken our self-healing forces.

To awaken the Medicine Beings that we are.

To awaken the Warriors of Love that we are.

My service has many forms:

*I guide women to celebrate the Sacredness or their body, their blood & their sexuality.

*Together with my beloved sister Prithi Nivas Kaur, we guide women into their innate power

in mystical Kundalini Yoga Womens Camp in wild nature.

*I guide weddings, love rituals & self-marriages ceremonies.

*I guide you to experience the Song of your Soul in the Hawaiian heart space of the Lomi Lomi.

*I share tools of conscious communication & intuitive touch

to awaken our self-healing forces and strengthen the relation to our body temples and our Beloved Ones.

*I teach Kundalini Yoga as a tool of Self-Initiation.

*The team Darthi Prasad (with Seva Singh & Prithi Nivas Kaur - Gurmukhi for "Gifts from Earth")

cooks blessed food for retreats, families & communities:

Delicious seasonal, organic yogic meals that celebrate Mother Earth & our divine bodies.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa

Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

Céline Shakti

in the Arms of the Beloved


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