Heart Meditation for the raw nights

It's winter time and the raw nights have started... From the longest day of the year winter solstice the 21st or from the 24th on (depending the tradition) til the 6th of January the 12 or 15 raw nights are meant to be a time in between, a period in which the world slows down and people gather with the people they love. The tradition of the raw nights rituals seems to find their origins in the difference of 12 days in the calculation of time according to moon and solar calendar. Even in old Egypt there were the days-in-between - Heriu-Renpet - between the closing and opening days of a new year cycle. Mythologies tell that laws of nature loose in these times and that doors to new world open...

The raw nights are a special time to calm down, to hold space for ourselves, to look back at what happened, have been achieved and learned in 2017 and what still want to be integrated. It's time too to plant seeds for the new year to come, to set intentions and to dare to dream to come closer to our deepest heart wishes.

In order to get more and more connected with our heart center and our inner voice, here is a Kundalini Yoga heart meditation with Mudra and Mantra which can help us to stay soft with ourselves and others, focused and grounded.

Heart Seal meditation

Sit in easy pose on the ground or on a cushion under your sitting bones if your knees don't reach the floor, otherwise there will be tensions in your groins which will take you energy instead of giving you some. Sit straight with elongated spine, pelvis slightly forward and chin slightly down. Imagine a golden line from the Earth to the Sky through your spine lifting you up.

Bring your hands, right on the left, to your heart center, open and lift your chest slightly and feel your heart beat.

Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, the point between your eyebrows and find there a place of stillness.

Begin to chant out loud the mantra Hami Ham Brahm Ham and listen to the vibration in your heart center expending into each cell of your body.

Meditate with your whole presence and your whole aliveness. Let fall yourself into your own flow and into your own sound body. Be aware that you are the creator of this moment and bless yourself with joy. Bless everyone and everything you know and the Unknown too.

You can start with 11 minutes per day and extend to 31 minutes or just feel into how long fits the best to you. To end the practice, inhale deeply and fully through the nose, hold the breath as long and soft as you can without creating any tensions in your body and feel into your heart by pressing the hands on the chest. Exhale powerfully through the mouth. Do this three times. Remain then in stillness, enjoy your body and mind and allow yourself to relax on your back.


Here is a record of the mantra from Paramjeet Singh & Kaur I love to use because of the quality of tenderness it brings into the meditation:

Sat Nam

"Love is the ultimate state of human behavior where compassion prevails and kindness rules." Yogi Bhajan