Even if my mother had long pubic, underarm and leg hair I grew up thinking that there is a truth about how my erotic parts had to be or not to be. Entering puberty, I thought hair to be weird and ugly. I would shave them, making my dear best parts scratchy and painful, attractive for fashion magazines, not for the people who would have the chance to touch them... It took me a few years to detach from the belief of not being beautiful with hair everywhere. Sometimes I sit in public transport and I face the alarmed or fascinated eyes of people gazing at my long leg hair. It makes me laugh and it makes me sad. What believes and images are we creating in our minds that we react such ways on our beautiful bodies?

Hair, my soft feathers, Hair, source of pleasure and wildness Hair, my joy of playfulness Hair, doors to magic spaces Hair, my sweet smelling nests Hair, keeping me warm Hair, my little forests

My hair truly fascinates me. My thick curls are very pleasurable to touch. By massaging them, I feel very sensitive in my body. Yogic teachings recommends nor to cut nor to shave hair because they are said to be the end of our nerve channels, a connection to our senses and our antennas to the outer world.

And now for the pleasure of the eyes, here a few photographs from Ben Hoppers serial "Natural Beauty". Enjoy the playfulness, the sensuality and the grace...